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Red Sage Acupuncture Center is a Miami acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic dedicated to high-quality holistic care. We specialize in Five Element acupuncture, a mind-body tradition that restores health from the inside out.

Pain Relief

Back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica—no matter where your body hurts, we can help. Your body is affected by stress, injury, and internal imbalance. Pain means it’s time to make a change. With acupuncture, we don’t just numb the pain, we treat the root problem so you can be pain-free.


Internal Balance

Are you feeling out of balance? Do your emotions make your body feel worse? We treat fatigue and insomnia, digestive disorders, breathing issues, circulation, women’s health, recovery from surgery, and much more. By restoring your body’s natural balance, we help you get back to feeling your best.


Emotional Wellness

Acupuncture is not just for your body! Our Five Element acupuncture treatments are deeply healing for all aspects of you. Connect with your best self, and get support through life’s growth periods. We help you find your happy calm, relieve stress, anxiety and depression, and support you in your goals.



Medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit


Treatments We Offer

Acupuncture is Mind-Body Medicine

Red Sage Acupuncture Center is focused on treating the whole person. You are not just a set of symptoms. We look for the underlying root of your problem and seek to restore who you are in your best health.

This is why our comprehensive diagnosis is so important. We look at the many factors that may be affecting you, from physical strain and injury to emotions, stress, and internal imbalance.

We then give you a customized treatment to balance your body, release trigger points, and calm any underlying emotional stress. Each person’s healing process is different, but many patients say the treatments often begin to provide relief after just a few sessions.

First Appointment (1.5-2 hrs): $125
Single Treatment (1 hr): $85
Package of 5 Treatments: $400

New Patient Package: $400
Includes your health evaluation and 5 treatments. Save $65 and jumpstart your health!


Acupuncture restores the natural circulation of blood, nerve and energetic pathways to naturally treat many physical and emotional health issues. Our primary style of acupuncture is called Five Element acupuncture, a mind-body tradition. We also use Balance Method, trigger point acupuncture (dry needling) and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for more physical conditions.

Each session is about an hour. We start by discussing how you are doing, and many patients find this to be an important aspect of their healing. You will then receive a customized acupuncture treatment based on both your overall goals and your needs for that day.

Herbal Medicine

Red Sage Acupuncture Center has an in-house herbal pharmacy with over 120 medicinal herbs. We can provide you with custom formulas to supplement your acupuncture treatments. You can also choose to be treated with herbal medicine alone.


Cupping helps to relieve pain and stagnation of the circulatory system. We add cupping treatments when necessary based on your symptoms. You can also request cupping.


New to acupuncture?

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