October 3, 2017 Catherine Hollingsworth, A.P.

Creating Wholeness

Today, a patient came in with a block in her meridian system. This was a place in her body where her vital energy wasn’t making the jump from one key point to the next. It is like a break in your computer’s circuitry, or a big clog in your house’s water pipes. Things just won’t move the way they should, and this will affect your entire system as well as cause local problems in the vicinity of the block itself.

Blocks can show up for physical or emotional reasons, and while they can wreak havoc in the body, mind and spirit, they are actually very easy to clear. This is one of the more common things I do with patients every day.

What struck me with this patient today is how she was “talking the block.” In other words, she was describing to me a way that she felt stuck: she was trying to find some integration between her sense of duty and responsibility to her children, and the inner knowing of her own heart. This is, in essence, a battle between serving others and serving one’s highest sense of self. In the Five Elements, this is the relationship between Earth and Fire. And it just so happens that in our bodies, there is a physical junction where these two elements meet. She was stuck there.

I myself could feel this block on her pulse and I would have found it even if she hadn’t said anything. Sometimes it is hard to put these kinds of feelings into words. And sometimes patients do not know that this too is a part of their health and physical wellbeing.

This particular block will sometimes manifest as physical pain or constriction in the chest or up into the armpit, even into the shoulder or the upper arm. I could hear that for this patient, her breath was shallower than normal. And on an emotional level it can leave a person feeling like they cannot fully contact or have faith in their own inner light. I could hear from my patient’s words that the block was causing her to feel a lot of worry, even sadness and fear.

The beauty of acupuncture is that it gives us a way to see and treat these kinds of experiences. And in just a few minutes I was able to get this patient’s energetic system flowing again. As she was preparing to go, she asked me if there was anything she could do to help reinforce the treatment she received from me. I suggested that she notice where her inner source of knowing was obscured by fear. Fear can cause us to overwrite what we know in our hearts to be true. “So it’s about faith,” she said to me. Yes, that was the key for her today, and the way for her to create wholeness in the relationship between her family and herself. The heart is a wonderful guide when we are able to hear it.



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