Sciatica, Knee and Low Back Pain

“I am a 22-year-old athlete with multiple knee surgeries. Over the past year I developed severe sciatica. I went to an orthopedic doctor and physical therapy to try and control the pain. After a few months, I tried medical massage; this made the pain go away, but only for an instant. After 6 months of pain, a lot of money lost and no solution, I skeptically decided to try acupuncture. During the first treatment, I went to sleep and woke up with significantly less pain. The next day, we did the second treatment. Afterwards, I started to feel much better. Now, it has been three months since my treatments and I have not had any recurring pain. Catherine is great at what she does.”


Back Pain

Love her! She’s amazing at her work and she has helped me live my life pain free and so much better than I ever thought I could be.


Chronic Fatigue

“I committed 9 months to the process. It wasn’t always easy. Sometimes things came up emotionally I did not want address. ‘Go through it’ I was encouraged, ‘let it clear out of you.’ Steadfast, Catherine encouraged, coached, and supported me through the process of unwinding and releasing all those things that blocked the healthy flow of energy through my spiritual and physical body. In that 9 months, in a way, I was rebirthed into a different way of being, I began to improve across the board and actually conceptualize the idea of wellness after so many years lost to illness.”


Post-Partum Fatigue and Depression

“I am so impressed with the effect the herbs have had on me. I have been much more even keeled emotionally and energized in general. I did not have my usual two weeks of malaise before my cycle either. It’s been really wonderful.”


Fatigue and Pain Following Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

“After just one acupuncture treatment, I noticed a change in my energy level from extremely lethargic to normal. After additional treatment and herbs, symptoms of pain and discomfort subsided. Catherine’s understanding of the use of herbal medicine has been very instrumental in the success of our treatments. Her instructions regarding visualization were helpful as well.”


Lyme Disease, Stomach Pain, Heart Palpitations

“I saw Catherine when recovering from a year treatment of antibiotics from having Lyme disease. I had severe gut pain which over several treatments and genius herbal remedies my gut pain was gone. As well, the spiritual aspect helped to bring out and settle several emotional things that were troublesome for me. She is an excellent acupuncturist – you will want to stay on her table all day!”

I. D.


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