Medicine for mind, body and spirit

No matter what your symptoms are, I take the big picture of your life into consideration. The body can affect the mind, and vice versa, so my intention is always to treat you as a whole person. I have found this to be the best way to create lasting healing for the people I treat.

Each person’s healing process is different, but many patients say the treatments begin to provide relief after just a few sessions.

First Appointment: $125
Single Treatment: $85
Package of 5 Treatments: $400

New Patient Package:
$400 for 5 treatments, incl. 1st appointment

Note: prices reflect payment at time of service.


Acupuncture restores the natural circulation of blood, nerve and energetic pathways to naturally treat many physical and emotional health issues. My treatments are gentle, and most people find them relaxing. Appointments are about an hour. Most patients need a minimum of 5 treatments as a foundation for healing.

Herbal Medicine

Red Sage Acupuncture Center has an in-house herbal pharmacy with over 120 medicinal herbs. I can provide you with custom formulas to supplement your acupuncture treatments. You can also choose to be treated with herbal medicine alone.

Cupping and Gua Sha

Cupping and gua sha, two Chinese medicine techniques to relieve pain and stagnation, help to clear and revitalize your tissues. I add cupping or gua sha treatments when necessary based on your symptoms. You can also request either of these treatment techniques as part of your overall treatment plan.


Red Sage Acupuncture Center is located on Coral Way, near Coral Gables in Miami, FL. New to acupuncture? I offer free phone consultations for new patients. Contact me to set up your appointment, or you can also use the online booking system.