Effective Natural Medicine

I offer focused treatments with acupuncture and herbal medicine for a wide range of stress-based disorders and emotional health goals.

No matter what your symptoms are, I take the big picture of your life into consideration. The body can affect the mind, and vice versa, so my intention is always to treat you as a whole person. I have found this to be the best way to create lasting healing.

Not sure what you need? You are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have. We will discuss your goals, my recommendations, and what you can expect out of treatment.


New patients begin with an initial evaluation. I will do a full examination and health interview, which includes your health history and current symptoms. You will receive a customized treatment plan, as well as recommendations for diet, exercise and daily habits that will support your goals. I may also recommend additional types of therapy as needed.

Following your evaluation, we will begin your acupuncture treatment. Most patients require a minimum of 5 treatments as a foundation. Sometimes longer term care will be recommended. We will determine your recommended number of treatments during the initial evaluation.

Current rates for payment at time of service:

New Patient Appointment
Includes Initial Evaluation + 1st Acupuncture Treatment
1.5 hours, $145

Acupuncture Treatment
1 hour, $95

Package of 5 Treatments: $450 ($90 each)
You may use a package for your first treatment

Free 30-minute consultations available

Herbal Medicine

As part of your treatment, you will receive customized recommendations for herbal formulas best suited to your symptoms and goals. I stock a wide variety of tinctures, which are minimally processed, highly effective, and convenient for patients. Herbal medicine helps to continue your healing process between treatments, and is an excellent support to acupuncture.

Cost of herbal formulas: $20-25

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